What are "I" Grades? 

An "I" grade means that the course is "Incomplete." I grades are temporary and can only given at the request of a student with the consent of an instructor - and only after the cut-off date for a "W" (Withdrawal) grade.

 A student who wishes to receive an I grade in a course must present an Incomplete Grade form to the instructor by the day of the final exam.

An I grade is to be used if a severe hardship beyond the control of a student prevents them from completing course requirements. Students must complete sufficient work for the instructor to submit a grade within one year from the faculty grade submission deadline for the appropriate semester. I grades that have not been resolved after the one year deadline will be changed to a grade of 0.0.


Appealing Grades

The Grade Appeal Procedure can be used to correct a clerical or procedural error but not to review the judgement of an instructor in assessing the quality of the student's work. The Office of the Registrar is authorized to change a grade if the student can demonstrate clerical error, prejudice or capriciousness in the assignment of the grade - otherwise the judgement of the instructor is final.

Find out the details of Grade Appeal Procedure.

For more information about appealing a grade, schedule an appointment with your CAS Adviser by calling (248) 370-4567 or visiting 221 Varner Hall.