Preparing for Graduate or Professional School

Preparing for Graduate School
Considering going to Graduate School? 
Here are some of the best ways to prepare:
  •  Explore different Graduate Programs. 
  •  Talk to your professors. 
    • They can help:
      • suggest programs
      • give advice
      • write letters of recommendation
  • Prepare for and take the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) 
  • Talk to your CAS Adviser to ensure your transcript is accurate and you have met all major requirements
    • Call (248) 370-4567 or visit 221 Varner Hall
 For more information about how to prepare for Graduate School, check out Career Services 


Meaningful Letters of Recommendation 
Letters of Recommendation are essential assets when applying for jobs or graduate school. 
Here are some ways to ensure your Letters of Recommendation are the best they can be!
  • Obtain letters from multiple faculty members who are familiar with you

  • Obtain letters from an administrator or supervisor who is familiar with you
    • could be from student organizations, internships, volunteering, Honors College, or an off-campus organization etc. 
  • Ask those you are obtaining letters from in-person

  •  Identify the key things you want the letter to say
    • providing a general outline of the letter is great!

  • Provide a copy of the job description, desired qualities for the position, a copy of your resume, and a copy of your transcript 
  • Always send a thank you letter or email!
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