Academic Honors
If you earn a semester grade of or 3.00 or higher at the end of a Fall or Winter semester in at least 12 credit hours and have never received a 0.0 grade, you will be recognized for academic achievement. Notices of Commendation will be sent to undergraduates with GPAs of 3.00 - 3.59 and Notices of Academic Honors will be sent to undergraduates with GPAs of 3.60 - 4.00. Both commendation and academic honors will be recorded on students' academic transcripts.

Dean's List
If you achieve academic honors (3.60 - 4.00) in at least 12 credits for the Fall/Winter Semester you will  be placed on the Dean's List. This will be recorded on your academic transcript and your name will be published on an official list to be posted on campus. You will receive a letter from the appropriate dean.

Departmental Honors
When you recieve your degree, school or departmental honors may be awarded and recorded on your transcript. Criteria for these honors can be found in the appropriate section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

University Honors
There are three levels of University Honors that may be awarded when the student receives their baccalaureate with the following cumulative grade point averages:
  • cum laude: 3.60 - 3.74
  • magna cum laude: 3.75 - 3.89
  • summa cum laude : 3.90-4.00

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