Volunteering & Internships

Volunteering throughout your college career can be incredibly beneficial. Here are some of the wonderful ways volunteering can help you attain a successful career:
  1. Networking
    • you'll meet a ton of new people - some who might be important contacts down the road
  2. Develop New Skills
    • Communication, leadership, and teamwork skills are built that look great on a resume
  3.  Find a Passion
    • A sense of achievement will improve your overall happiness and employers will be impressed with your dedication
  4. Scholarships
    • Many scholarships are impressed by community involvement
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Experiential Learning - Internships

An internship is an excellent way to get a taste of a specific career. They allow students to apply their skills in a work setting, pick up new skills, and learn the corporate culture of a business. Not to mention the fact that they look great on a resume!

What kinds of internships are there?
Internships can be paid or unpaid and may also count for credit towards your degree. There are internships in almost every field, you just have to find them!

How do I get an internship?
You can apply for internships, on-campus and off-campus, paid and unpaid, at OUCareerlink. You can also talk to your Faculty Adviser or network with Professors to find other opportunities. Career Services is great for finding opportunities, perfecting your resume, or practicing your interview skills! Check out their information in internships!

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