Understanding yOUr GPA & Tips to Improve It

If you want to improve your GPA, you must first understand how it is calculated.

Your GPA is calculated by dividing the Sum of Grade Points by the Sum of Credit Hours.

Click here to use a GPA Calculator to enter in your courses and their grades/credits. 
It should look something like this:

The more credits you have, the more difficult it can be to raise your GPA. Retaking courses may be necessary, yet it is important to consult with Student Financial Services to see if this may alter your financial aid.

If you still need assistance with GPA calculation, please schedule an advising appointment by calling 248-370-4567

Tips for raising your GPA:
1)      Attend class regularly (and participate!)
2)      Meet with faculty regularly (view the list of Faculty Advisers)
3)      Meet with your Professional Academic Adviser to come up with a game plan to improve your
    GPA (call 248-370-4567 to schedule an appointment)
4)      Attend an Academic Success Workshop to improve your study skills
5)      Start a study group with other students in the class
6)      Go to the Tutoring Center
7)      Attend Supplemental Instruction if your course has this option
8)      Utilize Academic Peer Mentors (APM’s) if you live on campus
9)      Use the Writing Center for assistance on your papers
10)   Use the Kresge Library research consultants for understanding academic databases and getting
     scholarly info for your papers
11)   Improve your mindfulness (iPause)

Additional resource to learn more about GPA: www.studygs.net ; www.gpacalculator.net
To learn more about how to raise your GPA: www.gpacalculator.net/how-to-raise-gpa