Deciding to Drop a Class

Deciding to drop a class is a decision not to be made lightly. Here are some things to consider when deciding to drop a class:  

Understand your options:

What is the difference between "dropping" a class and "withdrawing" from a class?
"Dropping" a class means that no grade will be assigned for the course and it will not show up on your transcript. "Withdrawing" from a class means that a grade of "W" will be assigned and it will show up on your transcript.
The date you decide to exit the course determines if you are dropping or withdrawing from the class. Refer to these important dates to ensure you do not miss the "Drop" or "Withdraw" deadline.
You can drop a course before the drop deadline through SAIL. After the drop deadline, you can withdraw from a course through SAIL or by submitting an Official Withdrawal Form to the Registration Office at 100 O'Dowd.

How will it affect my GPA?
As long as a class is dropped or withdrawn from before the deadline it will not count towards your GPA. Simply not attending class and not officially dropping or withdrawing from the class will result in the Professor assigning the appropriate grade, which will count towards your GPA.

How will it affect my financial aid?
Withdrawn credits count towards credit hours attempted while dropping a class does not. 67% or your cumulative credits must be attempted at the end of each semester before warning status is assigned.Also, no refund is given for Withdrawn credits.
Check out more information about Financial Aid.

Still need help deciding if you should drop a class?
Contact your CAS Adviser at (248) 370-4567 or visit 221 Varner Hall.