Mid-Semester Evaluations

Pass Your Class!
Look now for your MSEs (Mid-Semester Evaluations) to ensure you’re on the right path.  
Received a “U”?  Then check out these next steps on how to pass the rest of the class!

Receiving a “U” (unsatisfactory progress) in one or more of your courses means that you are recorded as receiving below a 2.0 grade. 
This does not mean you should Withdraw from the course, though! 
Some courses require a 1.0 minimum grade to count toward a degree (depending on the major). Students should meet with their adviser to discuss the overall impact of completing or dropping the courses: 
CAS Advising 221 Varner Hall 248-370-4567

In fact, now is the perfect time to take a moment to evaluate your current situation. Here’s a list of resources/ideas to consider when making the decision of what to do next:

1) Speak with your professor during his or her office hours to discuss your standing in the class, review the syllabus, and learn techniques to understanding the course content. 

2)  Financial Aid – Withdrawing from a course may affect your eligibility to receive future Financial Aid. Contact: Student Financial Services 120 North Foundation Hall 248-370-2550

3) Schedule an appointment with a Professional Academic Adviser to discuss the implications of Withdrawing from a course (CAS Advising 221 Varner Hall 248-370-4567). Withdrawing from a course may affect your intended graduation date!

4) The Tutoring Center - Set up a tutoring appointment where they offer tutoring for most 100- and 200-level courses – available at no charge.  Located in 103 North Foundation Hall. Visit oakland.edu/tutoring to view the tutoring schedule and calculate your GPA.

5) The Writing Center - Receive free writing assistance if you are experiencing trouble in your writing courses. Located in 212 Kresge Library. Visit oakland.edu/ouwc to schedule an appointment.

6) Know the last day to Withdraw from a course and receive a “W” grade. To check Important Dates, visit http://www.oakland.edu/important-dates. Note: if you withdraw from a course, this may affect your financial aid and you will want to follow up with financial aid (see #2).