Repeating a Course

Repeating a Course

Repeating a course can improve your grade, your GPA, and ensure you meet major requirements. When you repeat a course, only the most recent grade will be used when calculating your GPA. However, all attempts at the course will remain on your official transcript.

If I retake a course at another college, is my grade at Oakland replaced?
In order to replace a grade for a course, you must retake the course at Oakland.  We will not replace the grade if you take the class somewhere else.

Need to repeat?
You should be able to register for the class on SAIL.


Do you need to repeat a course for a 4th time? If so, here is how to go through the process.

  • Students are required to submit a success plan with the petition for a 4th repeat
    •  Students meet with faculty member of course intended to repeat and develop a plan for success (including attendance, tutoring, etc.).
    • This plan must be submitted with the petition.
    •  If you are unaware who the faculty member for a course is, contact your Faculty Adviser or Department Chair.
  • Students need to indicate what semester they are taking the course (either on the plan or petition).
  •  Upon approval you will receive an override to allow registration. You will then be able to log into SAIL to register for the course.

Need to know if you're satisfying your major requirements?
Book an appointment with your CAS adviser at
(248) 370-4567 or visit 221 Varner Hall.